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Monday, February 20, 2006

Job not finished yet

I was having a feeling of not accomplishing very much in the time that I have been in the library this year, because I have only just got to having the stuff off the floor and I still have the Teachers Reference section to go through and put into proper order. There is a mountain of catalguing sitting in boxes and the reading collection to catalogue as well. Then I had a little reality check. I have only been in the library the equivalent of 6 working days! So I had to think about the things I have done and start to prioritise the things still to be done. My estimate is that it will be the end of next year before the cataloguing backlog is complete and I can say that things will be in order. That is unless some other tasks come my way that interrupt the ongoing catalguing of the resources.
I will think about the priority of things to still do and itemise them in a future post.
Until then, rethink the achievements to keep a positive outlook.


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