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Friday, July 14, 2006

Some formalities and beginning to set some direction

A Mission
There is no documentation for the library in regard to policies, procedures, rationale and role. It is time to start putting some formalities into place and stating a place for the library and its activities within the school community. From the school Mission Statement and various other sources (listed at the end of this), I have written the first formal document. These of course will need to be accepted by the staff.

The Mission Statement for XXX State School state:
At XXX State School we are committed to:
  • High academic expectations;

  • A safe supportive environment;

  • Strong partnerships between our staff and the school community.
These values are captured in our school moto Learning for Living.

Mission, Policy and Direction for XXX School Library

To provide information and support services for the provision of learning and teaching of all members of the school community-
  • through the promotion of the enjoyment and appreciation of literature

  • by fostering lifelong learning skills

  • by developing information literacy skills

In an information age the development of information literacy is important; where students will learn how to identify, locate, organise and present information in a manner which is clear and concise and suitable for the audience to which it is directed. Mining and sifting the various information storehouses or repositories is a skill for which the digital age student will need to become accomplished. The library, its staff and its resources play a part in the development of lifelong learning and the appreciation of reading and knowledge. The library will support the curriculum and where appropriate the professional needs of teachers through co-operative planning and teaching practices, collection development and the management of print and digital resources.

These were referred to in the compilation of these statements, but not directly referenced within the documents.

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