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Monday, April 03, 2006

Newsletter item

This is the item I wrote for the newsletter about holiday borrowing. The students have not been able to borrow for the holidays before so I am hoping there is some interest in this. During the last week I have been promoting the new books and have not released them for borrowing until the last week of term in anticipation that there will be a rush to borrow for the holidays. The Captain Underpants books are ready and I hope they don’t even hit the shelves but are borrowed straight away. There has been a bit of interest in these.

Holiday borrowing from the library
During the Easter break the children can borrow from the school library. The last day for borrowing will be Thursday 6th April.
If however, you are going camping, staying in a holiday unit or travelling to visit family and friends, it is probably not a good idea to borrow.

Some children are still coming to the library without a library bag, and although they have been allowed to borrow if the book is placed in a homework folder, this does not give the book much protection from water damage. Many of our hardcover books cost $30.00 so we need to look after them well.

Some new books have been made ready for borrowing and these will be available for holiday reading.

Happy holiday reading everyone.

Ms. A Teacher-librarian.


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