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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Looking back to take the next step forward

Day One the Fiction section in the background

Day One across the room towards the entry

The entry after the tidy up

The Fiction section after a tidy and a cull

Sometimes you need to take a backwards glance to see how far you have come.

Notice there are no desks in the library....there is no room. Any structured teaching I do in the classrooms and take any resources I need with me. When in the library, the younger children sit on the floor. The staff room is right next door so if I need to I can use the staff room tables for the students. So far it is working OK.
I have made the library more available to the students by being open before and after school on the days I am on site and also open for one lunch break. I am finding that some parents are dropping in with children before school now and helping them to choose books for home reading and for some assignment work.
In some schools such extended opening times can tie the teacher-librarian down and not leave them with enough time to access staff, but as the staff room opens out into the library and most staff pass through the library on their way to their classes this has not been an issue and has helped to make the library and the teacher-librarian more accessible for everyone.


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