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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Cataloguing backlog

The pile of cataloguing backlog jammed in behind my desk

This is the boxed resources still awaiting cataloguing. Some of these are new and others are left overs from the whole library cataloguing. These are mostly the teacher reference that still needed a decision about whether they would stay or be disposed of and some of them need some boxing and presentation to make them usable for the staff. These are the tricky and time consuming items, some of which will require hand cataloguing as they will not be on SCIS. I already have a box from last week that did not have ISBNs found on SCIS. I will admit I have not had a lot to do with SCIS as I mainly left this to my aide at my previous school to handle. (This was a much larger school and I had more time allocated and I had a much more diverse role to play). I downloaded the SCIS manual and found it very user friendly and after reading it I think finding the resources with no ISBNs will not be a problem. My current aide is not really confident with doing this, so once I have worked it out I will teach her as she is quite willing to learn more about how this is done. Having the manual handy for her will also help I think.


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